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Chris Peterson (born May 14th, 1968) was a member of Will with Rhys Fulber and John McRae from 1987-1992. He also did the mixing on the first two Intermix albums and some of the earlier Delerium albums. Then he joined FLA live in 1990 and 1992 on the Caustic Grip and Tactical Neural Implant Tours as percussionist. In 1996 he did the Decree album "Wake of Devastation" together with John McRae. In 1997 he replaced Rhys in FLA. He did FLAvour of the Weak, Re-Wind, Implode, and Epitaph, as well as Equinox - Holon together with Bill, he also helped on the ProTech album, did the mix on the last Synaesthesia album, and did the programming on Delerium's Poem.

FLA-related records he has worked on:

Will - Word.Flesh.Stone.: Production and Engineering: Chris Peterson / Rhys Fulber.

Will - Pearl Of Great Price: Production & Engineering: Chris Peterson / Rhys Fulber / Michael Balch.

Delerium - Stone Tower: Mixed by Chris Peterson.

Delerium - Spiritual Archives: Mixed by Chris Petertso and Delerium.

Noise Unit - Strategy Of Violence: Mixed by Chris Petterson and Noise Unit.

Delerium - Euphoric: Mixed by Chris Peterson & Delerium.

Intermix - Intermix: Mixed by Chris Peterson & Intermix.

Delerium - Reflections 1+2: Chris Peterson involved in mixing among others.

Intermix - Phaze Two: Sonic Analysis - Chris Peterson. 

Sect - Telekinetic: Mixing engineer on tracks 1-3 and 5-9: Chris Peterson. 

Decree: Wake Of Devastation: Chris Peterson did Samples, Programs, Synthesis, Instruments and Engineering.

Synaesthesia - Ephemeral: Mixed by Bill Leeb and Chris Peterson.

Front Line Assembly - The Initial Command 1997 Re-Release: Tracks 1+2 Written and Mixed by Chris Peterson and Bill Leeb. 

Pro>Tech - Orbiting Cathedrals: Songs 7, 8 written by Chris Peterson and Bill Leeb.
All programming and additional sounds by Chris Peterson. Mixed @ Cryogenic Studios by Chris Peterson and Bill Leeb. 

Front Line Assembly - FLAvour Of The Weak: All tracks written / produced / mixed by Bill Leeb and Chris Peterson @ Cryogenic Studio, Vancouver BC Canada.

Front Line Assembly - Colombian Necktie: All tracks written, produced and mixed by Bill Leeb & Chris Peterson at Cryogenic.

Front Line Assembly - Comatose: All tracks written by Bill Leeb and Chris Peterson.

Front Line Assembly - Re-Wind: Disc One: All Tracks re-constructed by Bill Leeb, Chris Peterson.

Equinox - Holon: Written and produced by Bill Leeb and Chris Peterson.

Equinox - Contact: Written and produced by Bill Leeb and Chris Peterson.

Cryogenic Studios: Peterson credited on 6 Tracks.

Front Line Assembly - Implode: All music written and produced by Bill Leeb and Chris Peterson.

Front Line Assembly - Prophecy: All music written and produced by Bill Leeb and Chris Peterson.

Front Line Assembly - Fatalist: All sings written by Bill Leeb, Chris Peterson.

Cryogenic Studios 2: Peterson credited on 7 Tracks.

Delerium - Poem: programmed by Chris Peterson.

Aude - Vents Contraires: Programmations: Chris Peterson (1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9)

Front Line Assembly - Epitaph:
All songs were created by LEEB/PETERSON @  CRYOGENIC STUDIO

Front Line Assembly - Everything Must Perish: All songs were created by LEEB/PETERSON @ CRYOGENIC STUDIO

Decree - Moment Of Silence: Chris Peterson: Production, Engineering, Programming, Noise

Front Line Assembly - Artificial Soldier: programming 

Other Productions and Remixes that Chris Peterson has done:

Sect - Telekinetic CD 
(Peterson Mix Engineer, McRae credited with "Art Direction") 1994 

Haujobb - Frames CD 
(Remix of Cold Comfort (scrapyard) by Key with Peterson) 1996

Psychic TV - Cold Blue Torch 
(Remix of Fire Woman by Key with Peterson) 1996 

Alien Faktor - Final Expenses CD 
(Remix of No One Can Make Me.. by Peterson) 1996 

Download - The Eyes Of Stanley Pain CD / Sidewinder CDEP 
(Peterson assisted with engineering and mixing) 1996 

The Tear Garden - To Be An Angel Blind 
(Peterson assisted with mixing) 1996 

Oneroid Psychosis - Assuage CD 
(Remix by Peterson) 1997 

Front 242 - Headhunter 2000 4xSCD 
(Remix by Leeb/Peterson) 1998 

Tara McLean - Divided 
(Remix by Delerium) 2000

Wumpscut - Flucht 
(Straight to Hell Remix by FLA appears on Electropolis II) 2000 

Aude - Vents Contraires CD 
(Executive Production and additional Songwriting by Leeb/Peterson) 2001 
Aude - Antichambre SCD 
(single from the Aude album) 2001 

Clint Mansell - Requiem For A Dream Remixed CD 
("Deluxed" Additional Production and Remix by Leeb/Peterson) 2001

The Watchmen - Slomotion 2CD
(Additional Programming on "No Longer Mine" and "Slomotion" by Peterson)

Sasha Lazard - Awakening 
(Remix by Delerium) 2002 

In Strict Confidence - Herzattacke MCD 
(features C.P.R. Mix by Peterson) 2002

Unit:187 - Capital Punishment CD 
(additional Writing and Production on "Lust Poison #9" and "Angels" and Remix of "Second Class Citizen" by Peterson) 2003 

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