"Chris Peterson has an amazing ear. He knows what is missing from a song or what needs to be taken out. Having worked with Chis over the years he has proven this over and over. There is no end to this man's talent. A great engineer, an outstanding producer, his catalogue speaks for itself. From Front Line Assembly to Delerium to Decree and countless other projects and remixes, Chris comes only with the highest of recommendations. I'm very happy to have worked with him."

Tod Law - Unit:187

"After working with Chris over the years I've come to appreciate what the man brings to the table. A skill set that cannot be matched in the music industry from what I've seen. I've seen this man create one of the best songs I've ever heard with a reel to reel tape loop of a bus engine revving that stretched over 20 feet long.

This is someone that as a producer can take a scrap of an idea and turn it into a bonafide gem of a song. Trust me on this I would know.
An ear and attitude that cannot be matched....a true genius of his time."

Ross Redhead - Decree / Unit:187

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